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This past weekend we got fantasy author Paulette Jaxton to sit down with us as we talked about the Dreamworks animated film How To Train Your Dragon, which just came out on DVD and Blu Ray. This was an experiment with using the H2 to record away from the computer and, honestly, the results are mixed. A bit too much echo and I didn't have the same kind of control that I usually have over the sound floor. So, I left this one a bit rough and edgy from a technical standpoint, but we had a fun conversation. 

As usual, there are very few spoilers in the beginning and we warn you before we get spoilery, so you can listen even if you haven't seen the movie. Enjoy!

Hurdy gur,


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In this episode Heather joins me to discuss the 2010 remake of The Wolfman, and the Grailpup makes his first podcasting appearance.

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We're back! New episodes will begin soon. In this little test episode I just explain what's going on and set the stage for what's coming. Hope you'll join me!

Hurdy gur,


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Very lazy shownotes.
Paul and Martha of the ADD Cast (and the Balticon Podcast, and all of Dancing Cat Studios other projects) hang out with Heather and I at the Grailcave to discuss parenthood, beer, and other geeky goodness. Enjoy the podcast premiere of Darth BonBon, and we'll get back to the regular episodes very, very soon.

Hurdy gur,
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At last, it's the Incredible Hulk geekout!
This is the same discussion that has already been run on the ADD Cast a few months ago, so if you have heard that episode, you do not need to download this episode (unless you want to hear our 15 minute intro).

We start out talking about the movie (and the DVD) in totally non-spoiler mode. Then there are minor spoilers as we discuss the deleted scenes. Finally, we completely spoil the alternate opening and talk about what is hidden in the ice...

The bulk of the episode is a discussion of the film recorded just after seeing it on opening day. Heather and I are joined by Paul Fischer, Martha Holloway, Thomas "Command Line" Gideon , Andrea, John Cmar, Sci-Fi Laura, Greg Wright, and the Command Line Canines. Many thanks to Thomas for opening Bit Bucket Labs to us, and letting us use his equipment (and drink his beer).

Hope you enjoy the discussion. And if you want to pick up the DVD, check out the Grailwolf's Geek Store by going to and clicking on the link at the left. Then click "New On DVD" and the date October 21st, 2008. All three versions of the DVD are listed at the top of that page.

Let us know what you think of the movie, and the DVD.

Hurdy gur,
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We're still sick (again) but we're not going to let that stop us from telling you about the rest of the Fall shows that we're watching.

Well... actually we will, because we forgot to talk about Life On Mars, but we give it the ol' college try.

Anyway Heather and I share our opinions about these shows:
Then we give a brief Grailpup update and discuss tomorrow's episode and the release of The Incredible Hulk on DVD.

Send us an email ( or call the voicemail line (240-256-7525) and let us know whether you agree, disagree, or have a good recipe for chicken soup.

Hurdy gur,
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Tonight I'm alone on mic (mostly) because Heather is feeling poorly. I talk about:
  1. An advance preview of the second season premiere of Chuck.
  2. Last week's premiere of Heroes
    1. TJ Aman chimes in
  3.  I announce my participation in the LLS Light The Night event. If you can give, please click here.
  4. The Grailwolf's Geek Store is open, in beta. Check it out and let me know what you think. What would you like to see? (no link, to avoid inappropriate advertising on other sites, just go to the main podcast site).
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This episode we jump right into the new Fall season.
First up, we discuss the new HBO series True Blood including the the extra advertising that HBO has done such as the site. Very cool stuff.
Next it's the season premiere of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles on Fox.
Finally we geek out about the new JJ Abrams series Fringe.

Then, somehow, we get into Craig Ferguson, Dollhouse, Joss Whedon, Nathan Fillion, Neil Patrick Harris, Dr. Horrible, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead, Peter S. Beagle, and The Last Unicorn. Please note that we mention that The Last Unicorn DVD is signed (and the link above is for the signed version), but all links on the Conlan Press site currently go to the unsigned version. It could be an error on the site, or it could be that Peter is not currently signing them. I'll try to figure this out and give an update later.

The Pseudopod story that Heather read (and we couldn't remember) is called The Exhibition. She also has a story coming soon on the fantasy podcast Podcastle and has recently read the story Longing for Langalana for Interzone Magazine's podcast Transmissions From Beyond.
Man, I really need to get a blogroll going...

Oh, I also mention that Doug Rapson put up a video edition of his Geek Acres podcast.

Then we have a very special announcement. Which is very special. And we announce it.

Hope you like the episode. Drop us some comments (here, or at, or via voicemail at 240-256-7525) and let us know what you think.

Keep an ear out for that Middleman-centric episode coming soon!

Hurdy gur,
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Okay, guys, there are some weird problems with the audio in this one. It only happens about three or four times and mostly it's pretty short.

Other than that, we take a few minutes to talk about our move to Maryland and then we get into your feedback!

We hear from these listeners:
  1.  Our good friends Tjaman
  2. and Paul Fischer from the ADD Cast and the Balticon Podcast
  3. and Kev (PilotofSerenity on
  4. and AuntArlene
  5. user SMGslayer97
  6. user RosAzzo
  7. comments by Pick Jr.
  8. Chooch from Into the Blender and the COH Podcast
  9. and Doug Rapson from the Geek Acres podcast and the Gutcheck cast
And we go off on tangents about everything from The Middleman to Rita Kempley.

Hope to talk to you again soon with a bit more planning and a more cooperative computer.

Hurdy gur,
Direct download: GGL030.mp3
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At long last, it is part two of the mega-geekout with Tee Morris. Here we discuss the upcoming movies that we saw previewed before Iron Man. Enjoy, and hope this gets you excited for the summer of fun we have before us!

Hurdy gur,
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